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Traffic Analysis

All hosting accounts provided by BerkSites include in thier account statistics recording. Through control panel access you may view these stats at any time.

For a small fee, someone from BerkSites will sit down and review these stats with you and offer advice on how to maximize your online effectiveness utilizing these stats.

These statisticts have a wealth of information and can tell you everything from how many visitors you had to your site to what and what time they looked at a specific page.

The following is a list of things you can learn from statistic analysis of your website with BerkSites:

  • How many visitors per day, week, month, ect.
  • How long they stayed at your site.
  • If they clicked on a link from another site to yours, where that link was.
  • The I.P. address of the visitor.
  • What kind of O.S. they use
  • What kind of browser they use.
  • If your site has errors.
  • and much, much more..

Here at BerkSites we manage quite a few websites. This gives us a chance to really look at what happens on the web from a broader scope. This knowlege is elemental to sucess for you, our valued client, and our company.

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