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North Adams, MA 01247

Why BerkSites is the best choice for your online presence...

BerkSites is a website design and application development company located in Berkshire County Massachusetts. We provide pixel perfect design that utilizes search engine smart code that is current, mobile device friendly and standards compliant.

We have been doing this for 13+ years.

Not many other local design companies can say that.

We are behind many of the areas most successful businesses' online presences.

 Visit this page to see some of our clients.

We hire locally.

Our employees are hand picked from home.  We hire in the Berkshires and from the Berkshires.  It is important as a community to help assist and strengthen each other. That is why we pledge to NOT SEND DESIGN, PROGRAMMING, OR TECH SUPPORT WORK OVERSEAS! 

We know what we are doing.

Our core systems are NOT open source!

The componets of our websites are veted and the main construct is done in a way that ensures security. We incorporate these into a custom built system that is not freely distributed through out the internet. How we do it is our secret so if someone wants to comprimise our system, the will not be able to do so quietly...

Our experience is vast and our personnel have skill sets that rival that of our local competitors. On hand we have talent that includes focused coders, eccentric graphic designers, captivating multimedia producers and intriguing photographers!

Our technology is today's technology.

Specializing in websites that are easy for even non-technical owners to manage, we are always developing to suit the needs of our clients in the most efficient and productive manner possible.

We are not "site spinners" - we believe in long term relationships.

Not being a part of an unfortunately growing industry of reselling open source website software like WordPress or Drupal, means that we ACTUALLY DEVELOP and that gives us a real competitive edge when it comes to custom solutions.  We REALLY CAN build what you want.

Many of our clients have been with us for a decade or more!

We believe in education. 

If you are interested in learning how to make websites on your own, we are working on a community driven website to teach you.  Visit Making Websites and see what you can learn.

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